Logistics is one of the first 11 companies entrusted to contribute to PLB and was inaugurated by Mr. Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia on March 10, 2016. PLB (Bonded Logistics Center) is one of the efforts made by the Indonesian government so that logistics costs in Indonesia can be reduced and the industry can be more effective and efficient.

With the PLB in East Karawang, manufacturing companies do not need to source raw materials for manufacturing needs in Indonesia from abroad, but from PLB.
Logistics with PLB and other logistics services ensure customers, especially manufacturing companies, to be able to meet raw material needs and support IKM to export their products faster at lower costs. A Bonded Logistics Center is a multifunctional warehouse where import duties and import taxes are postponed and given raw material storage facilities for up to 3 years until a buyer is found. PLB is also equipped with Quality Control so that small industries and SMEs can carry out Import and Export optimally and their products are more competitive.

Main Benefits of PLB :

Faster container discharge from Tanjung Priok Port (Compared to general BC 2.0)
Duties & Taxes are paid when the cargo is released from PLB and ready to be produced
Faster cargo release from PLB (Compared to Bonded Warehouse/GB)
Able to store cargo in PLB up to 3 + 3* years
Able to perform simple activities, such as: repackaging, tagging, and labeling

PLB facilities :
Flexibility of Import and Export of Goods
Flexibility of Simple Activities carried out at PLB
Flexibility of Ownership Status
Tax and Customs Flexibility
Storage Term Flexibility
Fiscal Facility
Self Managed Storage
Clearance with Temporary Imported Goods and combination with other customs facilities such   as MITA, KITE etc